Boipatong residents have been living in darkness for exactly 26 days. This reportedly after the Emfuleni Local Municipality decided to switch off the lights amid a quarrel between itself and residents. Sources told Karabo FM that the municipality had planned to install smart meter electricity systems when residents refused to co-operate, resulting in the municipality switching off the electricity as "punishment". Areas affected were Snake Park, Khayelitsha, Jet and Lusaka, were residents had blockaded roads and were burning tyres. It is understood that the community went to the local mayor's house to complain yesterday morning. Subsequent to the action taken, the electrical department was ordered to switch the electricity back on. Meanwhile, a bus was also reported to have burnt to ashes but no one was injured.

Four children between the ages estimated at 16 to 18, and a driver were injured in an accident yesterday morning. According to sources, the accident occurred at about 8:20 am when the bus in which the children were in, tried to overtake a motor vehicle and allegedly ran into the back of it. Three of the four children and the driver of the vehicle - who was going to work - sustained minor injuries, while the other child was still in a critical condition at the Fezi Ngubentombi Hospital. The accident took place on the Wolwehoek road and the children were being transported to the Weiveld High school.

A house breaking took place last Saturday at about 11 pm in phase 4 Walter Sisulu next to new clinic, were 4 men broke in to the house, entered and took a plasma TV. Sources say when the owner of the house tried to fight the suspects, they sprayed his eyes with pepper spray, beat him and ran away with his plasma. The owner was also left with his ear injured. 20 minutes later another house was broken into. The owner of the house heard this and shouted for help and neighbors helped him chase the suspects away. Community members believe the second incident was well connected to the first. Police were notified but no arrests have been made.


Taxi Accident Leaves 5 Dead, 8 Injured In Koppies Accident

Incident Time: 16H30
A horrific accident on the Koppies Road about 25km outside of Koppies involving a taxi has left five people dead including a three year old boy, one person is in a critical condition and seven other commuters had sustained various other injuries this afternoon.

ER24 and other emergency personnel arrived on the scene and found the taxi lying on its side in a field of Sun Flowers. Paramedics assessed the patients and found that a child believed to be three years of age had already succumbed to his injuries and was declared deceased on scene.

Five people were in a critical condition due to the extensive injuries they had sustained in the accident. Advanced Life Support intervention was performed on the patients to help stabilise them further. Unfortunately four of the five patients died on scene after everything paramedics tried to do on scene to save them.

The remaining critical patient and seven other patients were treated and stabilised on scene before they were transported to various hospitals in the area for further medical care.

It is unclear what caused the driver to lose control of the taxi but the necessary authorities were on the scene and would investigate the accident further.

Derrick Banks, ER24