FREQUENCY: 103.7 mhz

Karabo youth development organization is a three dimensional company based in Sasolburg which is also registered as a non-profit making organization. These three divisions of Karabo are community radio station (Karabofm), community magazine (Karabo magazine) and the youth advisory centre. We envisage accommodating these three divisions of Karabo in one roof.

Karabofm was on air using thirty (30) days event license but ICASA granted Karabo a four year radio broadcasting license in 2009, this license expired during the year 2013 and has now been renewed to 5 years. The station started to operate as soon as SENTECH installed a transmitter and a frequency of 103.7 MHz. The station operated from the year 2009 until 2013, On Saturday 7th September 2013 two armed men entered our premises and held one of our employees and a security guard hostage, following this they poured petrol all over our premises and set it alight. Fortunate enough everyone escaped unharmed. A case of arson was opened with the case number 122/09/2013. This case is still under investigations. The station was off air for a period of 14 months as a result of key stakeholders that were involved, part of the challenges we experienced was the protest march that happened at Sentech (signal distribution) in the same time frame that they were supposed to install our new signal distribution equipment. We were fortunate enough to have worked with a company sound fusion that has always done our maintenance on our studio equipment, during the time at which we were waiting for the MMDA to do a rollout of the new digital studio equipment sound fusion offered to lend us an interim studio equipment that we have been broadcasting with from the 12th of December 2014.

Magazine funding is presently affected by bureaucratic processes of our funder MDDA. This is a section 21 company coordinated in the office of the presidency. We are now waiting for their auditors to inspect our spending before they can release the next batch of funds. This leg of the organization has since been redundant

This project is presently in its advanced conceptual stage.

 It is a platform for communications and development in our community
 It will act as a forum for community members to exchange developmental ideas
 Encourage debate on local, provincial and national issues
 Facilitate awareness in current affairs and act as information service
To have a united community through creation of opportunities for a quality lifestyle through accessibility of information and communication
Establishment of a Multi-Media Center and endeavor to maintain high standard service with the aim to inform entertains educates, empower and provide information to the community.

Karabo fm is governed by a board that is elected biannually whereas management run day to day operations of the station


Karabo fm 103.7 MHz is a community radio station operating in Sasolburg. It caters for Metsimaholo local district Municipality and Fezile Dabi district Municipality in Free State province. Karabo fm plays hit music in predominantly the dance formats of House, Kwaito, R&B and Hip Hop, with an emphasis on South African music more than International at 60%-40% ratio. Secondary genres include Acid Jazz and Reggae.

Karabo FM focuses on becoming a leading community media of choice within Fezile Dabi region in Free State by providing alternative and preferred advertising solution for social and businesses advertising opportunities, information, education and entertainment in small, medium and large enterprises in our area and throughout South Africa being our most important clients.

A market analysis indicates further that most radio stations focus is on either servicing the youth market or contemporary adult market only. The need of an entertaining and interactive community based voice was identifies and is the drive that Karabofm marketing is based on


1. Women 10%
2. Children 5%
3. Youth
 Job Market Entrant 15%
 Scholars 10%
 School Leavers 10%
4. Adults 25%
5. Business 15%
6. Social Services

The most important segment is the cut across youth and adult market. The station’s focus is on the consumers with buying power, so that it can reinforce the sales department and strategies. Never the less, the content reflected indicates and is served to ensure appeal across both spheres.

 Excellent in service delivery
 To deliver quality service
 Growth of Programs presenters
 New business development via networking and partnership
 Ensuring brand visibility
 Adhere to the station’s mission and vision
 Building common and consistent brand presentation and prestige around Karabofm as a station of choice
 Quality of programs to compliment the message sent to the listeners out there


Unit 2 Thembalethu flats


P O Box 2925